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With over 2500 advertisements as part of our professional portfolio, make sure to take a look at our references!

Your castings from all over the world at your fingertips

With help of your smartphone, you will receive real-time notifications of all new auditions and as well as reactions from agents and directors regarding your castings. Answer their messages directly through our convenient messaging system.

Your online portfolio

Share your talent with the world!

Want to share your profile page, customize it and make it your online portfolio? Easy breezy! Choose your favorite pics, videos and soundtracks to help uncover your professional journey, while controlling the level of confidentiality of your profile and its content. You can even view all this under the url of your choice. All in just a few clicks!

The Casting Director Don't miss a single appointment

The Casting Director provides you with a dynamic calendar that allows you to plan all your appointments, castings, requests and availability ahead of time. Therefore, agencies and directors will be able to contact you at a time that's convenient for you, so you never miss an appointment.

Payment Plans The Casting Director offers candidates 3 different subscription packages. One free, one monthly, one annual with different price advantages. For the introductory offer you gain up to 3 months of free subscription

  • Create a profile page
  • No access to the castings
  • Gain limited access to The Casting Director

13 months subscription!

Instead of 12 months
  • Create a profile page
  • 1 month for free when the app is launched *
  • One month for free for every new inscription

1 month

  • Create a profile page
  • One month for free at launch *
  • One month for free for every new inscription
* This promotion remains valid