A unique concept By subscribing to The Casting Director, a world of advantages will open up to you

What are the advantages For talent

  • Work with the biggest international producers and brands
  • Erase the need for travel, and access your auditions no matter where you are
  • Become your own casting director and earn between 30 and 40% more
  • Manage your complete schedule through our platform
  • Create your very own online portfolio
  • Your salary is managed directly with the production company, without the need to pay commissions!
  • And much, much more

What are the advantages As an agency

  • The biggest database of European talents
  • Verified profiles, based on quality of talent
  • Create your audition requests from your computer
  • Manage talent fees through our convenient platform
  • Share your auctions with clients
  • The lowest rate on the market

We've worked with some of the world's number one brands, and talent.

There is no doubt about it: The Casting Director, will revolutionize the the world of castings, join the ride!

Coca Cola
Pantene Pro-V
Coca Cola
Pantene Pro-V
Coca Cola
Pantene Pro-V
Pantene Pro-V

Why this evolution?

For over 25 years Dagcasting has provided a personalized service; reliable, fast and with attention to the needs of the customer. And today we are unleashing a revolutionary new platform, by offering an even more efficient and complete experience to our clients.

When subscribing to The Casting Director, you will no longer depend on casting agencies to land exclusive contracts, skipping the big commissions usually charged by intermediaries. In addition to managing your personal platform, you'll have the ability to determine your own prices and conditions, becoming your very own casting director!

Here at The Casting Director, our decades of experience have given us an eye for true talent, in order to respond to your casting demands.

Some references They also worked with us

Think of any brand...
With over 2500 advertisements as part of our professional portfolio, make sure to take a look at our references!